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About Us

Statistics show that the incidence of depression in terminally ill patients can range up to 77%. Patients in palliative care ​are typically battling serious illness, and those put on hospice have received a prognosis of six months or less to live. The ​unfortunate reality is that even at the end of their lives, many report feeling depressed, lonely, and socially isolated.

We are a youth-led, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers palliative and hospice care patients. At the core of ​our mission is a commitment to reducing social isolation and depression within the community. We foster connections ​between youth and patients, providing a platform for volunteers around the world to contribute.

A Little More Love thrives on a range of activities designed to uplift patients and their grieving families. We host projects ​in which volunteers from around the world can participate. Through community collection drives, we address essential ​needs and support patients who are unable to afford their own products. Finally, we organize numerous outreach events ​at nursing homes aimed at drawing patients out of social isolation by providing companionship and entertainment. We ​also help direct engaging activities at assisted living facilities, such as game nights and shopping parties.

Our Impact

As part of our journal decorating project,

we were able to donate around 120 decorated ​journals to grieving family members of hospice ​and palliative care patients. Above are some ​pictures sent in by our volunteers.

A Little More Love had its first successful ​social outreach event at United Methodist ​Assisted Living. We aimed to draw patients ​out of their rooms by providing them with ​entertainment and companionship.

We partnered with the Voorhees Library

to host a 2-week long care collection drive ​amassing in over 350+ products and toiletries ​to patients who cannot afford their own. ​Thank you to all who donated!

Our volunteers helped give the patients in ​Lionsgate’s Skilled Nursing Unit a memorable ​senior prom. We talked with the patients, ​wheeled them up the red carpet, and

crowned a prom king and queen!

A Little More Love hosted a game night

for Alzheimer’s patients in Lionsgate’s Safe ​Haven Unit. We had so much fun playing ​games with the patients and brightening

up their evenings!

Event Calendar

Journal Decorating Project

Volunteers are welcome to decorate journals that go to ​grieving teens and family members. We encourage ​volunteers to sign up to decorate with friends. Service ​hours will be given. Ends February 29th.



Care Collection Drive

We are collecting hair , nail, and body care products, for ​patients who cannot afford to purchase their own. A ​donation box will be at the Camden County Library’s ​Regional Branch in Voorhees, NJ.



Spring Outreach

A Little More Love is hosting a Spring-themed outreach ​event aimed towards seniors experiencing social isolation ​at United Methodist Community Homes in Collingswood, ​NJ. Sign up as a volunteer or musician.



Panera Fundraiser

Come support A Little More Love at Panera Bread in ​Marlton, NJ from 4-8 PM! Use code FUND4U at online ​checkout or let a worker know you are supporting us in ​person. 20% of proceedings go towards our funding.



Poetry Book Project

Volunteers from any location can sign up to make poetry ​books to uplift patients. Bind together inspirational quotes ​and short poems and stickers and other decorations. Books ​sh​ould be mailed back to our office before donation.



Senior Prom

Volunteers are invited to attend the Senior Prom at ​Lionsgate Assisted Living in Voorhees,NJ at 6PM. We will ​be dressing up, dancing, serving punch, and talking to the ​seniors and patients. Sign up here.



Game Night

Volunteers are invited to attend the Game Night at ​Lionsgate Assisted Living in Voorhees,NJ at 6PM. We will ​talking with the residents and helping direct the games. ​Sign u​p here.


We welcome people from any location to earn community service hours by taking part in projects or volunteering in person. If you are ​located in an area that does not have an established chapter, we recommend starting a chapter. All volunteers are eligible to earn the ​President’s Service Volunteer Award in bronze, silver, or gold.

Projects can be completed and mailed in from any location. We offer several projects throughout the year, including decorating journals ​for grieving families, making blankets for patients, and baking for our events, and more. We encourage volunteers to form groups to ​complete projects. Please fill out our project request form to get started. Materials will be provided upon request. Regarding in person ​opportunities, our events and fundraisers occur on an ongoing basis. Please join our remind to receive updates on upcoming ​opportunities near you.


Esha Kalikiri (Executive Officer)

Esha is a senior at Cherry Hill High School East, New Jersey. She founded ​A Little More Love to foster meaningful connections between youth and ​terminally ill patients and mitigate social isolation in the community. As ​CEO, she plans and directs all operations.

Tulina Elbarouki (VP of Operations)

Tulina is a senior at Cherry Hill High School East, New Jersey. She co-​founded A Little More Love to raise awareness about social isolation in ​terminally ill patients and provide a platform for people to connect. As ​vice president, she helps direct all operations.

Chapter Directors

Ariel Ivler

Kelsey Edwards

Sanjana Peela

Mridu Harohalli

Reese Madlangbayan

Renee Oduro


Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Proceedings go directly towards helping us fund our activities.

Click here to make a donation.

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